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To My Neighbor

I lift you higher,
lift you out
of your body cells
stuffed with anxiety
of your past -
an evil load that smells.

I'll fill each cell
with love and joy
that makes the
angels dance.
You'll glide through earthly
filth and stench -
a spiritual trance.

From your youth filled eyes,
your hands
and feet,
a holy peace shall flow,
so you and I
be filled with grace -
let us be still
and know.

William Hermanns


Seelentränen sind Gedichte,
rot mit Herzblut aufgeschrieben,
tiefem Menschenleid zum Ruhm,

Lies sie still in reinem Lichte,
frei von Trieben:
Du betrittst ein Heiligtum.

Wilhelm Hermanns

William Hermanns


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William Hermanns


4/20/18 Upload Poem  P115 Being
3/27/18 Upload Poem P369. The Mystery of Man
1/27/18 Upload Poem P383 What lives and moves and has its being
1/2/18 Upload Poem  P237 Choose Today; add link button for Poem List on each poem page at the top.
12/20/18 Upload Poem P113 Vietnam, We Come
12/16/17 Upload Poem P387 Elsa Brändström and its translation by the author into the Gedicht G387  Elsa Brändström, and another poem P388 Elsa Brändström
8/23/17 Upload Gedicht G514 Selbsterkenntnis and its translation by the author to the poem P455 Self-knowledge
6/14/17 Upload Gedicht G125 Chartresand its translation by the author Poem P103 Chartres, and the poem P287 Mary, Be My Providence
5/19/17 Upload Gedicht G071 Verdun and its translation by the author poem P121 Verdun
5/15/2017 Added jpg of poem and original of P603 Vibrations of Cosmic Love
5/10/2017 Upload poem P111 Prayer for a President and P238 A German Legend—A Satire for Laughter and Tears
5/8/2017 Upload poem P522 Who are you?
4/12/2017 Upload poem P469 Now
2/24/2017 Upload poem P120 Climb the Golden Ladder
2/2/2017 Upload poem P104 American Ballad
1/27/2017 Upload poem P361 Lonie
1/26/2017 Add interactive buttons to template for side bars of every page and to EP page for Amazon.com links for paperback and e-book purchases of Einstein and the Poet by William Hermanns (1983 Branden Press); Upload poem P203 Wolves in Uniform
11/22/2016 Upload poem P093 The Knock at the Door
10/28/2016 Upload poem P521 Poor Hitler
7/23/2016 Upload poem P503 My Choice
4/10/2016 Upload poem P165 M True Self , P491 Oh Religionand P528 To Ken
3/20/2016 Upload poem P294 State, Goodbye
8/28/2015 Upload poem P404 Cause and Effect; P409 Rest In Your Soul ; P410 Holy-Whole und das Gedicht G430 Freier Wille
8/27/2015 Upload poem P393 Wings and P401 Self-Confidence
8/26/2015 Upload poem P370 Stillness 
8/25/2015 Upload poem P110 The Torch
8/20/2015 Upload poem P124 My Breath
8/6/2015 Upload essay Religion and Human Nature; Move Published Books up on left margin.
7/24/2015 Upload poems  P002 Who are you, man? amd P003 You and Others
7/18/2015 Upload poem P108 Trust
7/9/2015 Upload poem P261 LightP264 Ten Words to the Creative Spirit; P276 Breathe Love; P277 Lure the Spirit
7/5/2015 Upload poems P188 The Cosmic Law; P190 If I Ever Began Again; P191 My Shrine; P192 Lead or Gold; 193 The Invisible Me; P194 Prayer; P195 Healing
7/4/2015 Upload poem P197 Mabel Farewell and the essay Mabel Farewell that was published privately as a booklet; upload poems  P198. Fusion; P199. My Spiritual Son; and P200. Spiritual Involvement
6/16/2015 Upload poem P187 The Curse
6/13/2015 Upload essay: Letter to the Youth of the World (1983); and poems:  P603 Vibration of Cosmic Love; P604 Affirmation; P605 Curse and Blessing; P606 God and I
5/24/2015 Upload poem P150 Am I Not Your Son
4/25/2015 Upload poem P100 A Prayer; P446 My Closest Friend; P448 My Lonely Walk; P449 All In Life
4/23/2015 Upload poem  P007 Don't Chain Your Mind
4/8/2015 Upload poem P189 Conscience; P308 Born Free
4/6/2015 William Hermanns died 25 years ago on 4/6/1990 - may the Principles he cherished be recognized in you.
4/4/2015 Upload poem P030 Easter; P304 Arise
3/31/2015 Upload poem P267 The Intellect, P130 Reflections on a Sickbed
3/22/2015 Upload poem P141 Choice
2/16/2015 Upload poem P272 Vietnam
2/13,/2015 Upload Poem P413 Our Christian Atom
2/1/2015 Upload Gedicht G106 Lauschendes Ich
1/31/2015 Upload poem P284 Farewell Intellect; P289 Glorious Togetherness; G106 Lauschendes Ich
1/12/2015 Upload poem P296 Are You Normal?
1/2/2015 Upload poem P143 Fear
1/1/2015 Upload poem P036 Deep inner stillness
August 16, 2014 Upload poem P352 Vibrations of Heaven and Hell
July 20, 2044 Upload poem P131 Think
May 25, 2014 Upload poem P226 Cut Your Chains
May 18, 2014 Upload poems P094 Walk On; P245 Song of Tradition (both poems are about the relationship of one to the State and to conscience)
May 17, 2014 Upload poem P312 Go Forth Youth
April 20, 2014 Upload poem P426 I Rise for Easter and its introduction essay Change the Heart of Man
March 20, 2014 Upload poems P051 Spring; P186 How is the Mighty Fallen; und Gedicht G406 Seelenharmonie
March 2, 2014 Upload poems P300 The Three-Dimensional Man; P366 Hail Silence on the anniversary of the birthday of Pope Pius XII 
December 24, 2013 Upload P179 Jesus for Christmas G129 Kinderaugen  für Weihnachten
September 22, 2013 Upload P316 Vibrations; G480 Das Gelübde
September 7, 2013 Upload P306 Americana; and Essay Is the Boat Sinking?
August 10, 2013 Upload P259 Be True to Yourself; P342 Infinite Stillness; P373 Stillness; P527 To My Neighbor (to its own page besides the left column).  These poems deal with Stillness.
July 31, 2013 Add quote of E&P p.73 to Cosmic Man page; Upload: Group Consciousness and War essay; Add E&P icon and The Holocaust icon with links to their pages to both side panels and footer.
July 23, 2013 For William Hermanns birthday, born this day in 1895 in Koblenz, Germany., upload: P154 My Mystery; G243 Geheimnis
July 4, 2013 Upload: P292 Comedia Americana
July 3, 2013 Upload: P511 God, the Uniform and I
July 1, 2013 Upload: P053 The Donkey
June 26, 2013 Upload: P074 Cosmic Being; P028 The Road That Has No Turn
June 25, 2013 Add link to Curse and Blessing page for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museaum study published in the NY Times in March 2013 on it being far worse under the Nazis than previously reported. 
June 9, 2013 Upload: P207 Ego and Providence; G271 Lebe in der Vorsehung
June 2, 2013 Upload: G269 Der Baum; P269 I
May 27, 2013 Upload: G012 Krieg; P016 War
April 18, 2013 Upload: P015 Einstein; G300 Einstein
February 2, 2013 Upload: P227 Vision;
G160 Maschinen-Zeit
December 21, 2012 Upload: G547 Licht
Add the Upload Date to Poetry and Gedicht Lists
December 18, 2012 Upload Poem P158 A Christmas Story and Gedicht G008 Weihnachten
December 15, 2012 Upload Poem P262 To a Boy
December 4, 2012 Update Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
November 31, 2012 Upload: Essay: Einstein's Legacy, Poem P530 Great I Am, and Gedicht G005 Ich;
November 17/2012 Uploaded:
Poem P360 Mama; Gedicht G344 Mama;
Essay: Jesus, the Jew
November 11, 2012 Uploaded: P329 Under the Shirt
November 10, 2012 Uploaded:
Gedicht G118 Der Poet
G013 Herbstballade and its translation Poem P017 Autumn Ballad
November 1, 2012 Upload the rebuilt website.  Navigations with menus improved.  Added German writings.  Added Google Translate button.
January 20, 2012 Begin to rebuild the Website to Web 3.0 standard html code.  Add Contact Us page for easier communication.




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    Einstein and the Poet - In Search of the Cosmic Man by William Hermanns -  cover
Available at Amazon

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   The Holocaust - from a Survivor of Verdun by William Hermanns - cover
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